Sleepy Hollow S1 Gag Reel

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There are times when choices just have to be made, or you certainly will miss out.


There are times when choices just have to be made, or you certainly will miss out.

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Get to Know Me Meme

[1/5] Favorite Movies: Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day (2008)

"And that is why you must not waste a second of this precious life. Listen to me. Once, I too had ambitions. Not your grand ones, simple ambitions. Marriage, children and a house of our own. He died, in the mud in France. A good, solid man. You would call him dull, no doubt, but he smiled whenever he saw me and we could’ve built a life on that."

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Dish Nation: Ticket or Skip It With Taraji P. Henson [x]

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Disguised as a Mayan ruin in the jungles of Chiapas, the Mexican School for Enriched Magical Studies is a sturdy moss-covered structure blanketed by lush greenery. The students are no strangers to muggle tourists ambling about, and will often pose as fellow tourists or locals and interact with them, making them one of the most outgoing, lively, and tolerant communities in the wizarding world. For festivals, students like to don vibrant headdresses, and the school becomes a kaleidoscope of colour as girls twirl around like tops, their skirts lifting up into the air, filling empty space with colour and painting the school with embellished splendour. The campus often reverberates with music from the school’s ghost mariachi band who plays cheerfully day and night; although it tends to get annoying at times, the constant activity makes the school feel like home.
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When you make a reference and someone actually gets it


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The first time I saw STXI I saw it alone. My stepdad was at the movie theatre with me, but it was PACKED so we had to sit separately. Give me a minute to talk you through my introduction-to-Nyota-Uhura feelings.

I love her. I love her from the start. I confess I am predisposed to love Zoe Saldana, but — the start of that bar scene! I’m floating down from Spock’s spectacular Vulcan mic drop, and that funky music starts playing, and then we’re given Uhura. She walks with so much attitude, her hair swishing behind her, and the camera moves with her as she moves: she dances through the crowded bar, she bends to greet the people who reach out to her, she smiles and laughs but never truly pauses. I understand what the movie’s telling me, because it’s clear. She’s dynamic and quick and good-humored and beloved, and she’s got places to go and things to do.

She gets to the bar and even the alien, who presumably has totally different standards of beauty, knows she’s hot. Kirk tries to pick her up, and it’s great, because the audience has expectations. Even if you’ve never seen the original series — and at that point, I hadn’t — almost everybody knows that Kirk is a ladies’ man, irresistible throughout the galaxies to female people, regardless of their actual species. But he is extremely resistible to Uhura. How great is this? I’m primed to like Kirk; I know he’s going to be the hero of the movie, I already know he’s lost a lot and that he’s reckless and brave and ridiculous — but how can I not like Uhura? Thanks but no thanks, her drink’s on her. She doesn’t care that Kirk’s the hero of the movie. She’s not turning him down to be difficult; it’s just that she knows what she wants, and it’s not him.

How often in pop culture are black girls allowed to be gorgeous, dynamic, quick, good-humored, and beloved, and immune to the charms of a charming white boy hero with blue eyes and a beautiful mouth? What an uncommon amount of power this narrative’s given her, and in her first scene. The audience isn’t immune to Kirk. Robot cops aren’t immune to Kirk. Captain Pike isn’t immune to Kirk. But Uhura is. It’s too late. I’m in love.

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A friend requested I make this, and so here it is, and I offer it to anyone who needs it, with all the authority vested in me by whoever vests these things. Print it out if you need to.

The best art advice ever given to me—ever, ever—was “Don’t be afraid to make bad art.”

You will make a whole lot of crap in your time. Some will be truly awful and some will be merely mediocre. And that is totally normal and totally fine and for the love of little green apples, just keep going, because that’s the only way I know to get to the good stuff eventually.

(I normally feel horribly egotistical mentioning my awards, but I think this counts as using that power for good.)

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Have started s3 of PoI. So far this is my face: :|

I like shaw and root; I do not like them more than I like Carter. I want to unpack this reaction a little more, but right now I am ambivalent.

Early season three was weak; Carter’s storyline was the most compelling part.  The writers fumbled on how to write Shaw.  And then after the Unfortunate Turn of Events, it took a while for the show to regain its footing.  So season three doesn’t rank very high for me.  I was ready to give up on the show, in fact, but the finale had enough of an interesting twist that I’m waiting to see how season four starts.

As for character appreciation, Carter will always be my favorite woman on the show.  I enjoy Shaw and Root’s screentime, but Carter brought an aspect of humanity that I connected with, and that element isn’t there for me with any of the other characters.

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